Boat trips with catfish fishing are performed at Baía do Guanandy, Baía das Pedras and Vazante do Castelo.We can find birds and alligators, as well mammals, mainly early in the day and in the evening.


Hiking Trails take visitors to special places as a landing area of macaws, and also another one bordering Vazante do Castelo where you can watch the sunset.

Night Sightseeing

It is a night ride in a 4x4 vehicle to watch alligators and other night behavioral animals. Undoubtedlya special way of seeing and hearing Pantanal.

Photo Safari

Combines two passions, photography and observation of flora and fauna. It is a 4x4 vehicle ride along the fields.

Tereré Round and Story-Telling

Like any good Pantanal farm we have the traditional tereréround with good story-telling  ina hangar. Tereré is a herbal-based cold drink .It is a great opportunity to learn a little more about cowboy’s way of life and culture.

Horseback Riding

Pantanal horses, all raised on the farm are available for horseback riding and it can be perfectand unforgettable. You go on a ridearound the banks of Vazante do Castelo and Ridges, facing lots of trees, as well lots of animals that may have chosen the place as a shelter and food area.

Along your stay at Baía das Pedras you may follow the cowboys on their daily routine and grant their talent on lassoing and dealing with the cattle.

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