The Farm


On the banks of Vazantedo Castelo, Baía das Pedras farm was founded in 1940 by José Coelho Lima and his wife, Cyra Gomes Coelho Lima. The couple received as inheritance a small piece of land where it began their home and workplace with cattle-raising. Over the years, José and Cyra acquired new areas forming the current Baía das Pedras, which has an extension of ??15 hectares. They owe the name Baía das Pedrasto the two bays located in the site, which there isstone gravel on the bottom instead of sand.

The main house was built in 1960, at the wedding of the eldest son of the couple. Party was one of the most famous feature of the farm.People who lived around would attend to lots of celebrations offered by the founder José Coelho Lima in September. They would celebrate, as well, The Lord Divine, a traditional religious party, dated 40 days after Saint Friday.

Pantanal inhabitants hospitality has been a tradition atBaía das Pedras, which in July 2003 had its main house been completely renovated in order to meet the guests needs. The hosts Dóio and Rita are in charge of the property, where besides the dude ranch it maintains extensive cattle-raising activities and wetland horses raising.


Baía das Pedras is located in the Nhecolândia region, in the heart of Pantanal, in the city of Aquidauana, 300 km far from Campo Grande, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.

How To Get There

You can get there by plane all year long. The single-engine plane departing from Campo Grande takes 1 hour.We can recommend pilots and schedule flights, as the tourist wishes *.

Access by land can only be done during the dry season, from May to December. It takes 300 km from Campo Grande on off-road. The trip takes about 7 hours and should be done by 4x4vehicle, by outsourced companies with driver and seating for four people. The car availability and the cost of the transfer should be consulted when booking. *

* Since transfer services are performed by outsourcing companies, we are not in charge of them.


The main house of Baía das Pedras holds up to 13 guests. There are three triple rooms and two double rooms, all with air-conditioning system and private bathrooms. Guests will feel not only at home, surrounded by privacy and convenience, but also comfortable as a hotel. The rooms can be converted into double rooms upon request.

First of all, relax and enjoy the scenery. Assoon as you get atBaía das Pedras you are already in the heart of Pantanal, where the beautiful sky and the sounds of nature will be an amazing and unforgettable time. You will feel invited to approach the natural life and culture of the place through the activities that the farm offers.

As you tour around you will easily be able to see marsh deers, pampas deers and brockets, bunch of capybaras, alligators, howler monkeys, tapirs, peccaries, toucan, wood ibis, blue macaws, blue and yellow macaws, red macaws and over a hundred birds. Hopefully, you will be met by the puma and the gray eagle as well.

Rides along the farm are made in open vans equipped with seat and canopy. You can take horseback-riding in one of our 16 Pantanal tamed-horses.Also you can take Bay trips in aluminum boats boarding up to three people.

After each ride and at any time, hammocks in front of the house offer a nice rest to the sound of birds. Around the office you will also find balcony, dining room and TV room that composes the living areas of the house. It is the same place wheremeals are prepared in a traditional iron wood stove.


The Farm Kitchen specialties are in abundance at our table. A selection of traditional disheskindly prepared using the richness and flavor of Pantanal gastronomy. In all meals you will taste unique recipes made by our skilled chefs.

Breakfast is served very early. There you can enjoy the traditional brunch, as well as homemade bread, cornmeal cake, cassava cake, cookies, cheese, fruit, yoghurts, fruit juices and hot beverages such as milk, coffee and tea.

For lunch and dinner, a different dinner-party every day: salads, white rice, rice with bits of meat, wetland barbecue with prime meat, cassava, dishes made with fish from the region, as catfish soup and desserts.

To enlighten your meals, beverages such as wine, beer, spirits, juices, soft drinks and mineral water are offered.

Preservation Projects

Pantanal has one of the richest biodiversity in the world. In the heart of Pantanal, Baía das Pedras knows its appreciation and encourages endangered species research and preservation projects. Projects are properly licensed by IBAMA and performed in partnership with NGOs and international and national zoos, universities and government agencies.

Doors are right opened at Baía das Pedras to welcome scientists who come to search data as well as important information about the animals which are the main focus studies, such as spatial ecology, habitat use, behavior, breeding, genetics, health and so on.

Currently, the following animals are being studied, as BRAZILIAN TAPIR, GIANT ARMADILLO and ANTEATER. These projects are sponsored by international zoos conservation funds, mainly North American and European.

The 5 people research team, including coordinators, veterinaries, biologists, field assistants, among other professionals spends from ten to fifteen days a month on the farm. All of them are provided with accommodations and meals.

In general, studies include the capture and anesthesia of the animals (traps) on the purpose of implementing  telemetric transmitters (VHF / GPS), and during the capture procedures biological materials collections are carried out for health and genetic studies purposes, body measurements, complete health checks, transmitters implementation and a lot more. Once they are released, the animals fitted with transmitters are monitored for extended periods of time. The researchers also work with other research methodologies such as camera traps, which also disclose more about the researched species biology and ecology.

Tourists who stay in the farm are provided with detailed information about ongoing projects. Once the project teams are working in the field, tourists are invited to attend evening lectures. In addition, they may follow the researchers in their research activities. It is certainly unforgettable! If you are interested, please contact the office of Baía das Pedras in order to check on the expedition timing of the different projects.

Pantanal is huge! Baía das Pedras supports and encourages research and contributes to the preservation of the local fauna and flora. If you have a research team, please contact us. The setting is already amazing. Come to find out much more!

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